Get Your Hondas Oil Changed For Optimal Performance

Schedule an Oil Change at Team Honda Today to Keep Your Honda Crosstour Running Like New

auto-mechanicAt Team Honda, serving Merrillville, Crown Point, and the surrounding areas, we pride ourselves on maintaining a top selection of new Honda vehicles, like the 2012 Honda Crosstour. This mid-sized vehicle is perfect for a variety of needs, from commuting to work tp taking long trips with your family. To assure that you keep your new Honda running great, it's recommended that drivers maintain a regular oil change schedule. Take a moment to make an appointment with our technicians at our state-of-the-art Honda service center in Merrillville to keep your new Honda vehicle in top working order. You can speak with one of our service team members over the phone or schedule a time online. Let Team Honda help you to protect your automotive investment.

Benefits of a Regular Oil Change

Our factory trained service professionals at Team Honda are as invested in maintaining the longevity of your new 2012 Crosstour as you are. We also understand the importance of regular oil changes. First, it ensures that your engine will run at its peak capacity by keep all the moving parts properly lubricated. This will make sure that the maximum amount of horsepower is available to the engine while you're on the highway. If the engine is running smoothly at all times, it is less likely to suffer heavy wear and tear. The result is that you can save money in the long run because it will reduce the likelihood that you'll have to pay for major repairs on your engine. Driving your car longer than recommended between oil changes can cause the oil to begin to break down, which means the moving parts won?t be as effectively lubricated. In turn, components will begin to wear out more steadily due to increased friction and grinding. In the worst possible scenario, parts could fuse, resulting in catastrophic engine failure and perhaps an accident. Prematurely aging your vehicle?s powertrain reduces its value, as you unintentionally increase the need for major engine work in the future.

Trust Our Professional Service at Team Honda

There's no real need to worry when you know that it's simple to schedule regular service on your Honda's engine at Team Honda?s service center. Our technicians will recommend the best products to keep your engine performing at the highest level, just like when it rolled off the assembly line. Don't forget to ask about our current service specials and coupons to get the most for your money at Team Honda in Merrillville, IN.
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